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Here is where the truth comes out!

We have had many successes with our new weight loss program! Many people wanted to share their experience and help get the word out to other people.

Debbi N.
Lost 33 pounds, 32.5 inches

Before Ideal Protein I had tried weight watchers, the cabbage soup diet, and herbal life. I was asked the question “how has Ideal Protein changed your life?” Well for starters I am not embarrassed by how I look. I fit into a dress that my husband bought for me the year we met! I am making healthier meals and choices in my meals because I understand how important it is to eat only certain foods together. It is the best diet I have ever been on! It was Very easy, educational and I didn’t feel hungry! When I went to the educational workshop I was so impressed but thought it wouldn’t work for me! Thank you SO much! My life has changed. I never thought I would fit into my pre-kids clothes again, so I gave it all away. Thank you! Now I get a new wardrobe!

Tina C.
Lost 53 pounds, 54 inches

My name is Tina and I am a 38-year old mother of four, who runs an in-home daycare. I found myself at age 37 overweight., frustrated, and quite unhealthy. I decided to make a change, and that is when I met with Guy and Theresa Anderson and started the Ideal Protein Diet. I started the diet May 21st 2012 and to date I have lost over 50lbs. and over 40 inches. I feel like i have my life back. I found that my energy skyrocketed, while on the diet. Before, by the end of the workday I was so exhausted that I didn't have any energy left for my kids. Today I have the energy, and the patience to enjoy my children.

Diane J.
Lost 24 pounds, 27 inches

Before starting the program I had tried weight watchers, Atkins, the cabbage soup diet, the Mayo Clinic egg diet, and the Oprah diet. I dropped three sizes, which I haven’t been in a long time. It’s so fun looking for new clothes! I don’t feel panicky that I’ll gain it all back because I have a good maintenance plan where I can splurge one day a week! For anyone out there considering Ideal Protein it really works! And it works fast! I think it’s quite easy to follow if you’re determined. Try it, you’ll be amazed! My daughter and I went on the diet together, which made it really nice. We planned a lot of meals together and went to our weekly appointment together. Theresa was very helpful and encouraging!

Sharon L.
Lost 30 pounds, 28 inches.

I am so thankful that i went on the Ideal Protein Diet. I am a diabetic, but I lost weight and am now OFF of my insulin.

Sheri F.
Lost 36 pounds, 36.5 inches

I had tried Weight watchers and I worked out and ran before trying Ideal Protein. I have lost inches, weight, and my blood glucose has gone down 18 points. I have gained tons more energy and I am very happy with my size 8! My skin is even better! If you are looking for a weight loss program, Just do it! If you are frustrated with extra weight and low energy this is the diet for you. I loved the results and the plan was easy to do. If I can do this, ANYONE can!

June P.
Lost 45 pounds and 49.5 inches, 20 weeks

Before Ideal Protein, I tried Nutri System, Jenny Craig, Atkins and Weight Watchers. This program has made me feel it is possible to live my life at a healthy weight and be active. I am not destined to be a fat person. Anyone who is considering the program Absolutely Do It! It is a structured program with counseling that is positive. This program, and especially my coach has helped me feel positive about getting and STAYING healthy. I have never been made to feel guilty about slip ups here. There is always help if I need it. Almost 24/7

Joyce M.
Lost 34 pounds, 43.5 inches
Before I tried Ideal Protein I had tried many other diets. The most recent one for me was HCG spray. I lost 30lbs. but I gained it all back. It is exciting to lose over 30 pounds, and very exciting to see that my cholesterol has dropped a significant amount. I love being able to get into clothes I have not worn for a long time. The program works if you are ready to work the program. You eat lots of food. Many of the foods you’ll love. The peanut crunch bars are amazing, and the chocolate drink was a wonderful substitute for hot chocolate in the winter. I also appreciate the awesome and wonderful support I received weekly from Theresa. They are both knowledgeable and very passionate about the health of their clients. Love them both!

Pat C.
Lost 43 pounds, 34 inches, 14 weeks

Before Ideal Protein I tried exercising, long distance running, biking, and LA Weight Loss in Fargo, ND. But now I am eating healthier than ever before in my life. I have learned to model eating habits that will extend my lifespan, will encourage my daughter and son to try new foods, and have influenced my siblings to consider doing the same. I have come to understand that exercise alone will not keep me fit. I am slowly learning to maintain balance in my life, Healthy eating, moderate, exercise, work, family, and personal time; are all becoming better prioritized. If someone else was considering Ideal Protein I would tell them to invest in yourself! Don’t be worried about the upfront or initial costs…the long-term benefits truly outweigh the cost. Don’t look for a quick “get slim quick” fix that will allow you to eat as you have eaten in the past.  You need to commit to making a lifestyle change! You are definitely worth it!

Fr. Greg P.
Lost 69 pounds, 38 inches

Before I found Ideal Protein I tried the South beach Diet. However, the Ideal Protein Diet has helped me lose weight and keep it off. This diet really works. Thank you for all your time and encouragement. God Bless You!

Karen Z
Before Ideal Protein I tried Herbal Life, and Weight Watchers. I feel really good after being on this program, inside and out! I think I lost fat on this program, not just weight. To anyone out there considering this plan, it really works! I didn’t think I could really give up wine and beer, but I did! Stick to it and you will see great results, quickly! Theresa and Guy are great to work with! It was also really good to see our BMI, visceral fat, and many other things that are not usually put in perspective.

Tom V
I had not tried and weight loss methods before Ideal Protein, but it helped teach me the importance of watching what I eat, and eating right, and how it can help control my weight. If you are considering doing this program, follow the plan, it is short lived.  My results were great and Guy and Theresa were fun to work with through the process.